Multiple copies of notes, or sometimes even multiple notes are shared between users.


Notes are easy to edit and update. As soon as the notes are edited and updated, the changes are visible to the sender also.


You can share these notes even when your friend is offline, they can check them when they come online.


Multiple copies of notes, or sometimes even multiple notes are shared between users.

What Is It?

Always there to make your life easy, “Floaty Notes” doesn't let you miss out on anything and keeps you updated. Wherever you maybe, but you never forget your to-do list. This is a simple application that is just like a reminder and it gives you the latest updates.

You do not make use of the age old pen and notepad method where you make a list of things to be done, or items to be purchased. The funny part of using the pen and notepad method is that when out for shopping you might be shocked to know that you have forgotten to bring along your notepad or paper and what is even worse is that you do not remember the items that you have to take back home. With Floaty Notes, things become a little simpler because you have chances to forget the items only if you forget your phone back home. But, how often do you really forget to bring your mobile phone along?


Wherever you go your notes float with you and you can share them with any number of people anytime. Yo can share any number of notes and receive updates from your friends and colleagues. Using these notes is even simpler and you just have to write the note and share, whatever updates are required by you will be updated by your friends.


Floaty notes are reliable, simple, easy to use and secret. Secrecy means that your notes are seen only by those you share them with. There is absolutely nobody else who can see your notes or edit and delete them. Thus the application offers you the best features and best results. In a very easy manner it lets you keep track of your business, the meeting, the household tasks and your to-do list. 

Floaty notes gives you all the valid reasons to use them. The idea that makes the application even a super great reason to use is that you can share unlimited notes with any number of people and there is absolute secrecy guaranteed. The application is a simple way to make your life look simpler and smoother.

Why stick your notes when you can float them anytime, anywhere!

Floaty notes app is one such mobile app where keeping track of work is as simple as making a list of it. I have used this app for my business purpose and I must say that I really like this application as I was able to get the latest updates from my business partners and employees at the same time.

Gaurav Sharma

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Classroom Strategies
Learning the flexible way!


Skipped a day at school today. Why worry when your friends can come to your rescue and update important class notes for you. Not yet relieved because you want to know if you have missed out on something?
Ooh then there's another thing in store for you that lets you inquire about happenings in class, all this just by a simple update.





Remembering things and specially grocery isn't a very good idea for you?
Now, you don'thave to remember the long list that your wife hands over to you. Notes are prepared giving you list of things that are to be purchased and as and when the items are purchased Yes is marked to those items. Your wife gets to know the items are have been purchased and any other things to be bought are added to the list by her.


Business Efficiency
Know updates about your business


Anytime. Anywhere.
Want to know what confidential updates you have missed in business?
Ask your business partner to share updates with you through notes and know what is latest in your business.
Provide him with more details by simply editing and updating details from your end.